mercoledì 16 ottobre 2013


On 17 October Tibetan film-maker Dhondup Wangchen will spend his birthday behind bars as a political prisoner in a Chinese prison. This will be the sixth birthday that he has been held in detention, away from his children, his wife and all the people he loves and cares for. 

In 2008 Dhondup was handed a six-year prison sentence after he made a film inside Tibet that showed what the Tibetan people thought about China's policies in Tibet. For this he was charged with "inciting separatism" -- simply because he dared to speak out about Tibetan human rights through his filmmaking.

Dhondup's wife, Lhamo Tso, has campaigned tirelessly for his release since the moment she found out he was detained. Today she is asking you, and thousands of supporters of Dhondup Wangchen, to take part in a new campaign to help bring Dhondup home to her and her family safely; Dhondup is due for release in 2014.

Send A Birthday Message for Dhondup: By taking part in this simple on-line action you will let Dhondup and the Chinese Government, know that we have not forgotten him, and we will not give up our call for his immediate release.

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